Fowl Language ahead

Roll Back time

It is start-over time, I caused another bug and I need to find out why.

Create a new directory and copy the original program to the new directory and add things one by one.

Fingers crossed, I just might have a little time to play around with FASE again, not much mind you, but a little.

A rebuild of the game using

fase config

And a quick play shows 1 issue. A command prompt the will not close, even using the PID trick, what in earth. This is a new problem. I wonder if it has anything to do with a recent windows update.


Reboot the laptop.

Perhaps, it was just an error of something already running, let try building again with Task Manager running.


Same thing. Reboot, this is getting irritating.

Duck these forced Windows updates (I told you fowl language), I know that this was working before.

OK, let’s modify our fase.bat

Fase.bat calls another batch file to set the paths for compilation. Let’s skip that step and set the paths in the original batch.

@echo off

rem if not exist z88dkenv.bat (
rem  echo.
rem  echo Error: z88dkenv.bat doesn't exist. Please copy it into this folder.
rem  exit /b 1
rem )

rem call z88dkenv.bat
rem /////////////////////////////////////////////////
SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\z88dk10
SET Z80_OZFILES=C:\z88dk10\lib
SET ZCCCFG=C:\z88dk10\lib\config
SET PATH=C:\z88dk10\bin;%PATH%
SET Z88DK_ENV_id074741=true
rem /////////////////////////////////////////////////

if "%1"=="gfx" (
  lib\bin\Png2Rcs gfx\loading.png build\loading.rcs build\loading.atr
  lib\bin\zx7b build\loading.rcs build\loading.rcs.zx7b
  lib\bin\zx7b build\loading.atr build\loading.atr.zx7b
  lib\bin\GenTmx 3 3 10 10 gfx\map.tmx
  lib\bin\TmxCompress gfx\map.tmx build\map_compressed.bin > build\defmap.asm
  lib\bin\sjasmplus asm\player.asm > nul
  lib\bin\zx7b build\player.bin build\player.zx7b
  lib\bin\xm2tritone mus\music.xm build\music.asm
  lib\bin\sjasmplus asm\music.asm > nul
  lib\bin\zx7b build\music.bin build\music.zx7b
  goto cont

if "%1"=="config" (
  lib\bin\sjasmplus asm\engine0.asm > nul
  lib\bin\sjasmplus asm\engine1.asm > nul
  lib\bin\sjasmplus asm\engine2.asm > nul
  lib\bin\zx7b build\block1.bin build\block1.zx7b
  lib\bin\zx7b build\block2.bin build\block2.zx7b

zcc +zx -zorg=32772 -O3 -vn main.c -o build\main.bin -lndos

echo File main.bin compiled from main.c
lib\bin\zx7b build\main.bin build\main.zx7b
lib\bin\sjasmplus asm\loader.asm
if exist build\player.zx7b (
  lib\bin\gentape game.tzx                    ^
            basic 'game' 0  build\loader.bin  ^
             data           build\engine.zx7b ^
           stop48                             ^
             data           build\player.zx7b
) else (
  lib\bin\gentape game.tzx                    ^
            basic 'game' 0  build\loader.bin  ^
             data           build\engine.zx7b

Let’s try that again.


I swear this was working before that windows update.

Drama over for now.


Author: andydansby

I'm a hobbyist coder working with the ZX Spectrum. Living in New York state near the Syracuse area. I grew up in Virgina. The first computer my parents bought for me was a Timex Sinclair 2068.

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