Making a game with FASE

This will be my new blog on creating a game for the ZX Spectrum using FASE (Fantastically Awesome Sprite Engine) or perhaps it goes by another name, either way, it a fast sprite engine for the ZX Spectrum. FASE was developed by Antonio Villena.

First I want to create an outline of the game and what I want to have for play. Basically a todo list.

First, this will be a pure arcade experience, not much in the way of plot, avoid the baddies and reach the end of the screen, start a new screen with more difficulty or just another design and move on until you are out of lives.
I want to keep the gameplay simple, yet challenging.

Here goes.

Your character is a bubble. Your enemies are the bubble poppers and they chase you. The screen will feature a simple maze to the end goal. The maze is nothing more than an obstacle. The walls are either deadly or will bounce you to an opposite angle.

You can fire in the direction you are moving, however, when you fire, you will move in the opposite direction (if you are moving slowly), or slow down in the direction you are facing, if moving quickly.

Your enemies are not directly, killed by firing on them, they will change shape to a bubble which you can then touch. They will move in the opposite direction from the side they are hit on.

The hit on the enemies will only temporarily change them and they will resort back to their original shape.

The enemies original shape will pop you.

The enemies new shape will allow you to kill them by hitting them with your bubble.

The change will only be effective for about 5 seconds.

Of course, this may all change, sometimes things do NOT go according to plan.  One thing that I have on my side, I’m incredibly stubborn and persistent!

I will have to decide on if I want to create a 48k game or a 128k game.

48k allows 8 sprites before flickering

128k allows 12 to 16 sprites

I am leaning toward using the 128k mode as it allows more sprites and AY music/ effects.

I do want to have more enemies per screen, but since we are an open plate, I could also do a 48k version where the enemies regenerate. I don’t know what will be preferable on that front, however, we can use WYZ Tracker and is better than a beeping noise.

FASE has a different way to do things than the Churrera. Whereas the Churrera is more like a game engine, FASE is a sprite engine, which means the mechanics of the game will have to be hand programmed.

A discussion on the engine is found at

and at


Author: andydansby

I'm a hobbyist coder working with the ZX Spectrum. Living in New York state near the Syracuse area. I grew up in Virgina. The first computer my parents bought for me was a Timex Sinclair 2068.

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