Rearranging the Blog Post entries

This is nothing more than a alert, if you have been following this blog, the entries and links have been changed.  It seems I’ve missed a step in the whole game making process; installing and setting up Z88dk.  It was an assumed knowledge, but you know what happens when you assume. You make an ASS out of U and ME. Love that saying, even after all these years.

So I have placed a new, long entry with photos on how to download and setting up your system paths for the whole thing to compile.  I probably messed up the date links and other links that Google likes to use, but it’s an important step to have in place and it should be in its proper place.

I think I might have messed with perhaps 1-3 people that may or may not follow the silly ramblings and thought processes of a hobby programmer.  Things will be in proper order now, maybe.  I’ve wasted a good part of this morning trying to correct a wordpress error I caused and not looked at programming at all, perhaps another day.  This is not a speed programming session.


Author: andydansby

I'm a hobbyist coder working with the ZX Spectrum. Living in New York state near the Syracuse area. I grew up in Virgina. The first computer my parents bought for me was a Timex Sinclair 2068.

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