Redo, restart, relearn

11-11-17 I have been away from the build of the game for far too long. The madness of completing my other game Xelda is starting to come to a close.<!–more–>

It has been occupying almost all of my free time to get the thing out. I am completely worn out from the game, I’ve played it time and time again and it’s starting to feel like a chore rather than a fun game. I promised a release on November 16<sup>th</sup>, and it will be. I foresee that I will be answering questions on Xelda for at least a month or more and perhaps be fixing bugs that my beta testers and myself didn’t see.

In summary, I just need to relearn what I have already done.


Author: andydansby

I'm a hobbyist coder working with the ZX Spectrum. Living in New York state near the Syracuse area. I grew up in Virgina. The first computer my parents bought for me was a Timex Sinclair 2068.

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