Fase and the tile color scheme


The FASE engine is particular on the color scheme it must use for tile design. It must be exact colors.

To help out with this here is an uncompressed PNG of the colors that must be used with tile design. I hope you find this useful.

in RGB notation, these colors are

FASE Color scheme

Black R=0 G=0 B=0
Blue R=0 G=0 B=192
Bright Blue R=0 G=0 B=255
Red R=192 G=0 B=0
Bright Red R=255 G=0 B=0
Magenta R=192 G=0 B=192
Bright Magenta R=255 G=0 B=255
Green R=0 G=192 B=0
Bright Green R=0 G=255 B=0
Cyan R=0 G=192 B=192
Bright Cyan R=0 G=255 B=255
Yellow R=192 G=192 B=0
Bright Yellow R=255 G=255 B=0
White R=192 G=192 B=192
Bright White R=255 G=255 B=255

Take care and happy coding.


Author: andydansby

I'm a hobbyist coder working with the ZX Spectrum. Living in New York state near the Syracuse area. I grew up in Virgina. The first computer my parents bought for me was a Timex Sinclair 2068.

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