I am a humble hobby programmer working in C.  I’m certainly not a professional programmer but do like to share my discoveries either for good or bad.

Born and raised here in the USA, I grew up near Richmond, Virginia where I got one of my first computers a Timex Sinclair 2068, which introduced me to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Now I live near Syracuse, New York where I still play around with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, at least in the latest incarnation – the ZX Uno.

This WordPress blog covers the random thoughts of a hobby programmer as I explore the FASE sprite engine and other codes that I come across.

My goal is to get others interested in coding at least 1 ZX Spectrum game for their own masterpiece to present to everyone. You can do it if I can.

I also have a game created with the Mojon Twins MK2 game engine – Xelda.  It’s available at http://andyspeccysite.simplesite.com/