ZX Uno

I want to promote the ZX Uno, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum built on an FPGA.

For those unfamiliar with an FPGA, think of it as a Super ULA, where you can fit not only the logic of a ULA, but also the Z80 processor, AY sound chip, Video logic and RAM all in 1 integrated circuit. If Sir Clive had that technology then, it would have been inside your Speccy.

I test all of my ZX Spectrum programs on my ZX Uno which is the modern equivalent of the humble ZX Spectrum.

If you are interested in a ZX Uno, you can purchase one from Antonio Villena.  I highly recommend that you buy one from him.  It’s a modern-day implementation of the ZX Spectrum using an FPGA to replace all the IC’s found in a ZX Spectrum.  It can connect to your TV via composite or add an RGB adaptor to run it on your VGA monitor.  It’s about the same size as a Raspberry PI.

ZX Uno

Why Emulate, when you can run the real thing!