Thank goodness for backups

I buffalo’ed my game and it’s pretty frustrating, thankfully, I keep backups on my cloud drive. I’ll be doing a restoration pretty soon and hopefully be back in business shortly.


Insertion Sort

A sorting method is required for almost every high score routine. Once we determine that player’s score.

For my game, I chose the Insertion sort. While not the quickest type of sort, it’s still pretty efficient, does not take up additional memory and it’s fairly small and short making it memory friendly. It is also non-recursive which also makes it memory friendly, as it won’t fill up the stack. I personally love the simplicity of the insertion sort routine.
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High Scores, soaring even higher

First, I want to thank Allen Albright and Antonio Villena for helping me understand the logic for the high score list.

Every arcade game needs a high score display, you just want to see how high you can go and beat the other players that play your game. It’s been a standard in all arcade machines since Space Invaders. The idea is rather simple. You have a list of scores and initials, you keep track of your players current score when the game is over you see if your last games score is larger than the lowest score on the table. If it is, give the player the ability to enter in their initials, store the initials and score in the table and display the results.

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Using the Keyboard

First of all, I want to thank Antonio Villena ( ) for his help, knowledge, and patience with me for the information in this article.

I struggled with the next part, for some reason I was not able to resolve in my head on keyboard usage. I had to employ the knowledge of Antonio Villena in order to get this sorted out.
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