Tweaking the bullet operation

This is a small revisit back to the operation of firing bullets.

One of the problems that I have seen during the testing of the game is how the bullets are fired. Initially, bullets fire to the right (west) before the player moves. If the player is moving, the bullets will fire in the direction of the player, but on stopping, they will fire again on heading west. The problem with this is when the player sets up a shot and stays in one place, the bullet will not go in the last direction the player is in, but always go right.

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Rewriting the End Game

At this point in my development, I had only really been testing and developing the 48k portion of the FASE game engine. However, FASE works in 3 different ways, 48k only machines, 128k Machines and Clone machine. If you run on a 48k machine, the 48k engine code is different from the 128k machine code. If you take code developed for 48k machines, it may not be compatible with a 128k machine, and vice versa.

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Using an Alternate Sound Engine. Steve Turner’s sound engine.

BeepFX is the most popular and most visible sound engine widely available, however, it’s not the only engine available.

While researching sound engines, I came across the Steve Turner sound engine. This is the same engine used within Quazatron, Ranarama, Ironman among other games written by Steve Turner. Jerri from the WOS forums disassembled and recreated the source code which he published. His post along with the editor can be found on the WOS forums here.

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Integrating Phaser into Z88dk

The music engine Phaser developed by Shiru, has two tone channel engine with one channel supporting a sweeping phasing effect and the other channel has a square tone with a further channel of interrupting drums. Phaser is an awesome sounding sound engine that has to be listened to. It can really make the mono speaker bang out some awesome tunes, this all comes at a cost though, it takes a lot of precious memory.
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Integrating Tritone into Z88dk

The music engine Tritone developed by Shiru, has three tone channels with a further channel of interrupting drums. Tritone is a popular sound engine for a number of reasons, it sounds great, supports drums and multiple channels and has an XM converter. So far the only downside is that the music engine is larger and takes up precious memory, but you certainly could do worse for size.
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Z88dk Memory Visualizer

As a special free Christmas gift, here is a Z88dk Memory visualizer.!Atc34t6eCvqj1F2CpsoCxKC_PU6r

Note this only works with an older version of Z88dk Version 1.10

Anything newer, it probably won’t work as the Z88dk team changed the map output.
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